MuscleMeds Launches a New Supplement: Amino Decanate


MuscleMeds Amino Decanate uses the ground-breaking technology of DecaDrive Delivery that is actually utilizing the pharmaceutical delivery techniques of the following Polyethylene glycol (PEG) and Sodium Caprate (Decanote) compounds. By doing so, the formula will be able to increase the infusion of amino acids.

PEG is used to enhance a person’s intestinal absorption rate and it also helps with making amino acids more soluble and easier to dissolve. By doing so, you will be able to improve the Paracellular and transcellular pathways of your body’s absorption. The Decanate is also an enhancer that is used for intestinal absorption. Unlike the PEG, its main goal is to use its bio-dynamic action to help increase the paracelluar permeability through enlarging the rigid paracellular openings. By helping your body achieve this, you will be allowing a higher rate of transport or uptake of amino acids into your bloodstream.

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The MuscleMeds Amino Decanate review found at also said that the MuscleMeds Amino Decanatemix is helping body builders create a more informed look into amino acids. The product has actually undergone about 3 years of research and studies to make sure that it will be highly effective.

The results from the MuscleMeds Amino Decanate studies show that there are 19 very important amino acids that are needed to support the rigorous workouts of body builders. It is also a must that they will aid the body in triggering an anti-catabolic and high anabolic effects. Then, to create or increase the effects of the amino acids in the body, MuscleMeds Amino Decanate improved their formula by adding in their very own Pharmaceutical DecaDrive Delivery.

Why Choose MuscleMeds Amino Decanate?


With its scientifically advanced formula and well-researched data, the MuscleMeds Amino Decanate maker assures users that their muscle growth and intense workout will definitely improve with the use of this dietary supplement. It will not only help you with the development of more muscles but it will also provide your body with more amino acids so you won’t get depleted during workouts.

Top 3 Most Popular Games On Kickstarter


Since it was founded in 2009, Kickstarter has changed the way people approach funding for their projects, instead of having the fate of their projects decided by banks and other finance companies, people are getting their projects funded by crowds of regular people, who donate as little or as much as they can afford. Hollywood movies, music albums, and other projects have been funded this way, not surprisingly, electronics, games, and apps are the most funded projects, and have led to the creation of some amazing games and apps.

One of the most popular projects being funded right now on Kickstarter are board games, because they are cheaper to fund than a lot of the other projects you find on Kickstarter, and they are created rather quickly, so you don’t have to wait for a long time before you can play them. With the increase in popularity of Kickstarter funded games, we will take a look at the top 3 most popular games that have been crowd funded on Kickstarter. If you are interested in board games, you can click here to find the most popular board games.



This game is so popular that there is a Kickstarter campaign going on for the third installment of the zombie board game. The game was published in 2012, and can be played by 1-6 people, ages 13 and up. Players in this game are survivors of the zombie apocalypse that have their own unique skills and abilities, that they put to the test when they go up against hordes of zombies that seem to keep multiplying faster than you can kill them. There are 10 different scenarios on the maps for you to play and keep you entertained for a long time. Zombicide is the recipient of over five major awards, and is a great game for fans of the zombie genre to enjoy.

Deadzone: Contagion


This is a tabletop board game set in a fictional universe, you get to command an elite team from one of the four factions in the game, and fight against the other players for resources and total domination of the war zone. This game was designed to be played between two and four players, ages 12 an up, and is a lot of fun, especially for sci-fi fans.

Kingdom Death


This is another tabletop game, it is a cooperative game that can be played by one person, or up to six people ages 18 and up, because it is a horror game. This role playing game is set in a world that doesn’t have a lot of natural resources, and you control a settlement you must protect from monsters and other evils, to ensure your survival.

Most Popular Bearded Celebrities


Male celebrities, like a lot of other men, like to grow out their beards, sometimes they do it for a role they are playing, and at other times they grow them out just because they feel like it. With the right grooming, some of them can pull off the bearded look, and without grooming, they look like the men from Duck Dynasty. We are big fans of beards, but don’t feel they get enough love, so we have decided to pay tribute to beards by making a list of the most popular bearded celebrities, which we have listed below.

Christian Bale


The actor rose to fame playing a mostly clean shaven Bruce Wayne/Batman, he has also grown out his beard for other movies like “American Hustle,” and the upcoming “Exodus.” When he isn’t filming, Bale has been known to grow out his beard from time to time, and is one of the few famous men that can pull of the bearded look.

Jake Gyllenhaal


The former “Donnie Darko” star is one of the men that really enjoys growing out a beard, in most of his movies, he is mostly shaved, but when he is not working on a movie, he always seems to have a full beard going. He might need to learn more about beard trimmers, because his beard always looks scruffy.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto

It seems like the only time you ever see Leto clean shaven is when he is in a movie, which he doesn’t do too much of. The actor/singer has had a beard for the better part of a decade, and he doesn’t seem to ever get tired of growing out his facial hair.

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges pulls off the bearded look better than most men do, from his iconic role in “The Big Lebowski,” to his awesome beard in “Iron Man.” In his private life, Bridges also enjoys growing out his beard, and is almost always seen out and about with some well groomed facial hair.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

The man that is known for playing Wolverine in the X-Men movies is also a big fan of growing out a beard, his role as Wolverine requires him to have a beard for the movies, but he always seems to have a beard in a lot of his other movies like “Les Miserables,” and always seems to have a beard whenever he isn’t working on a movie. Growing out a full beard is a lot of work, and it requires patience, but if you groom it properly, it might be a good look for you.

Metallica Bloopers from This Is SportsCenter Commercial


Rock legends Metallica recently shot a “This is SportsCenter” commercial at ESPN studios, which has to be one of the best in a series of commercial that have been very funny and successful. A little background information has to be given for people who don’t follow sports to appreciate the humor in the commercial.

Mariano Rivera was a legendary closer (pitcher) for the New York Yankees, and his entrance music used to be “Enter Sandman.” Rivera retired after last season, which leads us to the commercial which opens with SportsCenter anchor Jay Harris explaining that now that Rivera is retired, the legendary rockers don’t have much to do.

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After the opening shot with Harris, we see Lars Ulrich get off the phone with Duke Basketball coach, saying the Hall of Famer doesn’t need an entrance song, leaving James Hetfield to wonder who’s left to ask, and after that, they try to offer their services for PGA golfers. The commercial ends in the break room, where another SportsCenter Anchor Stewart Scott uses a tab on a flier the band put up for guitar lessons to dispose of his gum, not knowing Kirk Hammett was sitting behind him, leading to an awkward encounter between them, which resulted in Scott quickly leaving the room, and Hammett shouting that the first guitar lesson is free as Scott leaves the room.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Ulrich talks about how much fun it was for them to do the commercial, and work with the ESPN personalities, who he considered to be great during filming, because they didn’t take themselves too seriously while filming the commercial, which made it easier for them to shoot the commercial.


Ulrich also talks about some of his favorite moments in the commercial, one of which was the break room scene between Stuart Scott and Kirk Hammett, where Hammett was offering free guitar lessons. There were several takes of that scene, which showed the improvisation skills of both Scott and Hammett, but didn’t make the final cut.

Another funny scene that didn’t make the final cut was between Ulrich and Hetfield, in which they were trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the day after Coach K had told them he wasn’t interested in an entrance song. They ultimately decided to follow ESPN personality Bob Ley around the office for the day.

ESPN has released the outtakes from the commercial, if you haven’t seen them; you should definitely check them out.